19.12.13 Brilliant Earth – Personality Style Challenge

So what kind of girl am I? Am I a blue jeans and a T shirt kinda gal? YES, sometimes. Am I floral and feminine? Hhhmm rarely. Am I glamorous like stilettos and glitter? I would like to think of myself as some kind of glamazon when I can be bothered minus the glitter (I am not 5 years old). Am I minimalist, cutting edge or vintage? NAH! So  I am cross between blue jeans slash glamorous kinda woman so that would be a Glamorous Blue? OK, if  I had to choose just one then I would be glamorous 24/7  if it it was physically possible (not enough hours in the day).  Joan Collins is one of my style heroes, circa Dynasty after all.

Brilliant Earth is a jewelers which only uses Beyond conflict free diamonds and jewelry that is made  made with recycled gold and platinum.

See below my pick of  “Glamorous” inspired jewelry all available from Brilliant Earth. I want them ALL! One can dream….

What kinda gal are you? Let me know

18K White Gold Sienna Diamond Ring arabesque_top_t_w300_h300BE2SD14R4_white_top___ 18K White Gold Pave╠ü Eclipse Diamond Earrings 18K White Gold Sapphire Halo Diamond EarringsBE3LBLH124_white   BE4PES60_white_t_w200_h200 BE4PD15R15S_white_lg__t_w200_h200BE4PD15R15_white_lg_t_w200_h200

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